“It’s all about where your mind’s at.”

- Nat Young

The Old Port Magazine – The Swell Life

After Maine Surfers Union​ being in business for 3 years we are stoked to be featured in the latest issue of Old Port Magazine.
You can also find this month Old Port Magazine in our shop or at many other fine retail shops.
A big thank you goes out to the Old Port Magazine​ crew!
Photography By PATRYCE BA ̨K
OPM_JulyAug2015_INTERVIEW[1]Old Port Mag Artical
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In honor of National Lobster Day, we celebrate the lobster the best way we know how: eating them.

If you have not had a real lobster bake you are missing out. Described by some as the barbeque of lobster, a bake allows for a slightly smoky taste and brings out much more flavor than a simple steaming of these crustaceans. The result is super soft meat and an addiction to lobster bakes. (If…Continue Reading

David Connor’s Block Prints

Super stoked to have David Connor’s block prints up in the store and available for purchase during the month of April.  He’s only been carving for a year and a half, but his talent speaks far beyond his work’s recent inception. Read his bio below. My name is David Connor and I have been making…Continue Reading


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