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- Nat Young

David Connor’s Block Prints

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Super stoked to have David Connor's block prints up in the store and available for purchase during the month of April.  He's only been carving for a year and a half, but his talent speaks far beyond his work's recent inception.  Read his bio below.

My name is David Connor and I have been making block prints for the last year and a half. I’m a woodworker at heart, but I’ve always desired to make art in a way that did not generate the same kind of noise or dust that working with wood often does.

The inspiration for my various prints comes primarily from wanting to capture images of things that are dear to me. I love Portland and many of my prints pay homage to some of my favorite places. Other influences include the ocean, animals and activities that bring joy to my life. Additionally, I love playing with the element of conflict and trying to capture that feeling with my art. To practice the craft, I initially challenged myself to complete the alphabet by carving various fruits and vegetables. After finishing, though, I sought to create work that was a little more engaging, and at times, a bit macabre.

I hand-make all of my picture frames as we’ll. All of the wood was scavenged, salvaged or reclaimed in one way or another. And while they are all roughly 10 x 10 inch frames, they are made from a variety of different species and are finished in as many different ways.

When I’m not creating art, I teach carpentry at a small alternative high school on the West End. I’m also a husband and father to an 11 and 13-year-old. I’m a veteran of the Coast Guard, an avid, year-round surfer of 25 years, a passionate gardener, a keeper of chickens and a general aesthetician who loves to take the old and create something new and different with it.

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